White Aluminum Oxide

The white oxide of aluminium is recyclable material and particularly skliro.Apoteleitai by clean alumina, without it contains traces of iron, for this it does not cause no oxidation of ammobolismenon objects.

Mainly it is used by the dental technicians and in the industry of inmates but also in aeronaypigikes applications.

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Advantages of oxide of aluminium:

  • Aggressive material of high output, which it even maintains the angular form after repeated use.
  • Because his high cruelty (8-9 in the scale of Mohs), and his corner form it can achieve roughness sa-3 very fast
  • Proportionally the granulometry and the pressure ammobolismoy, we can achieve a wide spectrum of surfaces with the roughness that we wish
  • Because his big aggressiveness, is not required big pressure pep.Aera (4-5 bars)
  • Working with continuous pressure, we achieve a ideal surface with the suitable roughness for covering
  • According to researches that have been carried out, it is absolutely sure for the person, contrary to a lot of other materials of sandblast.
  • It does not contain oxide of silicon that is harmful for the person
  • It does not contain toxic components as the heavy metals.
  • They can be stored anywhere for big time duration, without it is influenced by the humidity, it is also enough it is not rained