sandblasting materials

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Our product range includes the following types of electro-corundum:
  • Brown fused alumunim oxide
  • White fused aluminum oxide
Brown Fused Aluminum oxide is used for a wide range of applications, such as derusting and descaling of iron and steel structures; in applications where the subsequent work piece requires a certain roughness, such as roughing of metal surfaces in preparation for paint spraying or coating with synthetic resin or rubber; used to clean and deburr castings; to clean coats of paint and lacquer; for matt-finishing. It is suitable for repeated sandblasting operations. It is not recommended to be used for sandblasting of non ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, brass), stainless steel, high alloyed steel or special alloys.
It is material particular sklirotitas.Echei erratic form and is ideal material for cleaning in ship yards, refineries, marine drillings of oil, drivers, machines, cranes, manufactures of groups, railways, restorations of buildings, re-establishments of monuments, work of political engineers, car bodies of cars, chemical and other industries k.a.
It is wire cut, more aggressive than the above materials of sandblast. Is more durable and more sharp

Is ecological material disposable, a lot of sharp in the dry sandblast and with impressive results in the hydro-sandblast. Does not allocate silicon in free form something where seated absolutely sure for the health of person and environment. Is considered his more ideal substitute hails by which it has still better cutting faculty.

The plastic material of sandblast is a enough soft material, recyclable, gi'ayto is used mainly in cabins.

His big advantage is that it does not wound by no means the surface cleaning only the foreigner bodies.

It is mainly used in the aeronautics and in the industry trofimon.

Aggressive and economic material but harmful for the health. Is always proposed for ydroammoboli or sandblast of open circuit but with the use of means of protection. In various granulometries from 100 until 1000mm.