Information on the soda:

It contains acidic carbonic sodium that fills USP models (United States Pharmacopeia) and formally has least from 50 ppm each one from the ions of chloride and sulphurous.

It contains one of auxiliary flow that has a surface region bigger than 220 m2/gm for considerably improved attributes of flow.

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Soda blasting it is the process of promotion of Bicarbonate Sodium of (Cooking Soda) with compressedair air through a special orifice. The unique attributes of toyDittanthrakikoy Sodium allow the abstraction of colours, grease, mould, oil, kapnias and many other polluters without it destroys the glass, chromium, even the thin leaves of metal. She is ideal for use seypostromata as polyester, the timber, plastic, the anthrakonimta and inactive materials in order to we only report certain. Do not exist other materials with similar characteristics. The bicarbonate Sodium is recognized by the American Service of Inmates and Medicines as Detergent of age-group A1 and hence it can be used in instruments of production and transformation of inmates!

Soda Blasting is a revolutionary and ecological method of cleaning that uses a not-devastating abrasive and eliminates dangerous for the environment chemical.

This or new technology of abstraction of layers, eliminates the use of toxic cleaning chemists. It cleans a lot of layers surfaces in any desirable level and it can be used with asfaleiagia clean machines and instruments that are found in use! She is one sure, mobile, humid or dry, not devastating method of abstraction of colours and polluters.

The material that it uses soda blasting is specifically processed Bicarbonate Sodium – Cooking Soda.Ayto the not-toxic, inmate material, is 100% ydatodialyto and environmental sure.

Soda blasting it uses compressedair air in order to it promotes the material on the surface that is cleaned. When the material comes in contact with the polluter on the sublayer the particles of Bicarbonate Sodium explode. The energy that is released decomposes the surface of polluter leaving the sublayer completely unswayed.

Other methods as or sandblast, they destroy the sublayers. They tend causes the phenomenon “oil-canning”, a devastating distortion or bending of metal sublayers.