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Product Description:

30 to 1 Ratio President Sprayer
Maximum working pressure 210 bar
Maximum incoming air pressure 7 bar
Ratio 30:1
Wetted Parts Pump: See 306981, Spray Gun: See 308236, Fluid Hose: Nylon, Fluid Filter: See 307273, Suction hose and Tube: Nylon, Aluminum

Minimal gun spitting

Special seat design minimizes space between the needle and the tip, thus greatly reducing paint spitting when triggering the gun.

Quick & consistent needle shut off

The FlexSeal™ needle design encloses the needle in a flexible cover, avoiding exposure to the paint. With gun trigger open, the FlexSeal™ inflates like a balloon. Pressure inside the gun pushes against this now inflated seal. This causes the needle to shut off easier and faster.
The new Graco machine to stripe sports fields.

Professional Advantages

  • Airless technology
  • Crisp, bright and uniform lines
  • Simple to use, clean and store
An Acetal gasket used to seal between the gun outlet face and a flat spray tip & guard.
An Acetal gasket used to seal between the gun outlet face and a flat spray tip & guard where the guard has a deeper thread depth than normal. Also used with tip adaptors ARI201105 or 181085. Also see 166969 standard flat tip seal as an alternative.
These are fine finish reversible spray tips specifically designed for use with the EasyMax FF airless spray gun (not compatible with the EasyMax WP/Minimax) Available in 7 sizes: 208, 210, 308, 310, 312, 410, 412
  • High precision tips, inspired by proven RAC X design, exclusively for use with ProSpray™ technology
  • Integrated ProSpray™ tip and guard shuts fluid off at the tip for a clean pattern
  • Delivers a professional quality finish with expert results