– For pipes 3″ (75mm) – 12″ (300mm) ID
– Adjustable centering carriage for consistent blast pattern
– Use with standard blast machine

The PBT-1 pipe cleaning tool is an ideal companion to clean blast pipes from 2″ (50mm) to 12″ (300mm) inner diameter. The PBT-1 consists of a tungsten-carbide nozzle in a venturi form with a tungsten-carbide circular deflection tip, which blasts abrasive media in a continuous circle pattern. The tungsten carbide materials ensure low wear and a long service life. Centering collars and carriage allow fitting the PBT-1 to any pipe with an inner diameter between 3″ (75mm) and 12″ (300mm). With the centering collars PBT-1 can be used in the 3″ (75mm) to 5″ (125mm) I.D. pipe range. With centering carriage PBT-1 is adjustable to handle all diameters between 5″ (125mm) and 12″ (300mm) I.D.

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