Graco Xtreme X70 NXT Sprayer W/Heavy-Duty Cart


X70DH3 – Graco Xtreme X70 NXT Sprayer with Heavy-Duty Cart

The Graco Xtreme (X70) X70DH3 NXT 72.5:1 Airless Sprayer comes complete with: Graco XTR Gun, 3/8in. x 50ft. airless hose, a 1/4in x 6ft. whip hose and a Heavy-Duty Wheel Cart.

Graco Xtreme NXT high-pressure air-operated airless sprayers provide long-lasting durability that boosts your productivity. Designed with Gracos new NXT Air Motor, the Xtreme NXT is proven to outperform and outlast all other sprayers in its class. It easily handles the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials.

  • Spray high solids and 100% solids coatings under the toughest conditions!
  • NXT Air Motor lasts 10 times longer than the King Air Motor.
  • Easy-access integrated air controls
  • Rugged body armor wont rust or dent
  • Xtreme pump lower with built-in filter
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