Breathing Air Filter Set

A 3 Stage filtration system is ideal for all modern day body shop and industrial environments.

  • Adjustable Knob has snap-action lock for pressure setting.
  • Innovative plug in design permits units to be removed from the line for extremely rapid servicing or replacement without disturbing pipe work.
  • 60 cfm provides more than enough air to run an air fed mask and two spray guns.
  • The Body is Alloy die cast (Ambient temperature 90c) ideal for inside any spray booth.
  • Pipe Threads ½ BSP.
  • Recommended air flow 7-9 bar.
  • Filter Regulator 5micron. Coalescent Filter
  • Coalescent 0.01 Micron.
  • Carbon 0.001 Micron.
  • BS4275 British standards.
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