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Seal lens use between UHP shaft connection Hammelmann® and nozzle beam / disc.
Flat seal ring for nozzle drop-inn type 652
O-ring & Back up Round jet drop in nozzle type 8/14/24 + Fan jet drop in nozzle type 8/14/20. Part Number O-ring: 810161 Part Number Back up ring: 810162
Round jet nozzles are the most effective nozzles in the high pressure industry, they can be used for different applications and easy mounted in a special nozzle holder. The choice of the nozzle is depended of the experience of the cleaner. Characteristics and advantages: High cleaning achievement Easily, simply Efficiently Applications: Surface cleaning – Graffiti removal - Oil and gas platform cleaning - Ship and container cleaning - Road cleaning - Tubing and duct cleaning – used in different tools. Woma®Type 8 Part number: 8/14/24/... (so ø 1,50 mm. Part number : 8/14/20/150) Included o-ring and backup ring