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The AutoBox ABX-500 is a hands-free hose tractor for pipe and vessel cleaning. This utility hose feeding system can be adapted for a wide range of applications to enable precision hose control and increased safety. The ABX-500 accommodates a wide range of hose sizes and passes couplings up to 1.75 in. (45 mm) OD.
Autoclave Style plugs to blind ports which require gland nuts and collars.
Autoclave Style plugs to blind ports who required gland nuts and collars.
Banshee tube cleaning nozzles use high pressure water as a liquid bearing, thereby eliminating ball bearings, seals or lubricant used in conventional rotary tools. Each tool is easily configured to suit any application by choosing from a variety of replaceable heads and inlet options.
Barracuda self-rotary tools are the industry standard for speed controlled rotary shotgunning. These lightweight tools adapt to any high pressure pump and are excellent for difficult and irregular surfaces where an operator using a hand-held tool can more efficiently maneuver. Being so versatile and easy to maintain, Barracuda tools are also used on automated and hands-free equipment.  
Effective shotgunning for a wide range of pressures With self-rotary tools, jet reaction creates rotation so there’s no need for compressed air Light weight eases fatigue and keeps operators working with less stress Field maintainable, easily rebuilt in most shops with low- cost standard fluid and parts Four-port heads can easily be configured for two-port applications Fully redesigned BC 705 cartridge seal for 44k psi models effectively doubles the life of the seal and is a drop-in replacement to the BC 505-S