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Flex hose DN 6 Parker 2240D-04V72 Tough Cover ¼"BSPM - M24x1,5 swivel nut special for use on LTC with markingring just 5 cm. for nozzle end various couplers available 1000 bar (15Kpsi). Our Part Number: 2240D-04V72-TC... (length)
Ultra Flex hose DN 8 Parker 2380N-05V00W in various connections available, mostly used with both sides M24x1,5 swivel nut for leader hose gun (light) 1000 bar (15Kpsi).
Flex lance DN8/4 1500 bar (21,7K) 8mm. st.steel type M x M24x1,5 swivel nut mostly use to connect 20K Badger at European standard M24 hose. Part Number: 40-127-2749-... (last digitals for feet, 33 = length 33 feet = 10 mtr.).
Flex hose DN 12 Parker 2388N-08V12W M24x1,5 Swivel nut both ends, various couplers available 1100 barOur Part Number: 2388N -... (length)
Floor Cleaners perform a wide range of functions including cleaning paint markings and degreasing surfaces, as well as removing coatings, contaminants, and membranes. They are also powerful enough to scarify concrete.
Part Number: 720.0310 M16x1,5 Part Number: 304907 9/16"HP (1-1/8"UNF) Part Number: 720.0210 M20x1,5 Part Number: 304902 ¾"UNF Part Number: 195-105 M26x1,5 Part Number: 195-106 M30x2 Part Number: 304107 9/16"MP (1500 bar)