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The BAF filter does not remove carbon monoxide (CO) and other toxic gases. The BAF breathing air filter is used, in conjunction with other safeguards, for supplying clean air to the blasting hood. The BAF filter is designed to remove condensate and up to 98% of particles having a size of 0,5 microns or less. A filter only needs to be bought once. The cartridge alone is subject to regular replacement. A filter can be additionally equipped for operation by two or more operators.
For connection between blasting hood and airline filter BAF.


Special thick-wall hose made from non-toxic materials. Thick-walls prevents the hose from buckling and pinching.
Our product range includes the following types of electro-corundum:
  • Brown fused alumunim oxide
  • White fused aluminum oxide
Brown Fused Aluminum oxide is used for a wide range of applications, such as derusting and descaling of iron and steel structures; in applications where the subsequent work piece requires a certain roughness, such as roughing of metal surfaces in preparation for paint spraying or coating with synthetic resin or rubber; used to clean and deburr castings; to clean coats of paint and lacquer; for matt-finishing. It is suitable for repeated sandblasting operations. It is not recommended to be used for sandblasting of non ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, brass), stainless steel, high alloyed steel or special alloys.


Installation downstream of aftercoolers, air receivers, refrigeration dryers etc… Designed to remove up to 99% of liquid condensate in the compressed air by very low maintenance costs.


Robust aluminium housing. Efficient automatic drain.
The Educt-O-Matic is the compact hand-portable closed-circuit blast tool, which can be transported everywhere and required just 2.5m3/min of air at 6bar. Blasting and media recovery are controlled just with one trigger. Media recovery is initiated by slightly pulling the trigger, while pulling the trigger fully starts the suction blast system. Abrasive is stored in a compact conical hopper from where it is metered into the blast apparatus. Abrasive is drawn into the mixing chamber of the Educt-O-Matic by the high speed airstream, where it is mixed with air, and is then propelled out of the nozzle. The blast head is adjustable and swivels to allows blasting at any angle. Abrasive and dust are captured in the rubber attachment. Reusable abrasive is drawn back to the hopper, whereas broken abrasive and dust are directed to the dust bag. An area about 30mm wide can easily be cleaned with an Educt-O-Matic. When finished with blasting, just release the trigger to half-way for two to three seconds, and the vacuum recovers the remaining dust and abrasive. Vacuuming is stopped by fully releasing the trigger. The Educt-O-Matic works best with with steel or iron grit. Dust and broken abrasive are captured in a simple cotton bag.
It is material particular sklirotitas.Echei erratic form and is ideal material for cleaning in ship yards, refineries, marine drillings of oil, drivers, machines, cranes, manufactures of groups, railways, restorations of buildings, re-establishments of monuments, work of political engineers, car bodies of cars, chemical and other industries k.a.