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Performer is the latest development of high performance Venturi blast cleaning nozzles. New modern and highly wear resistant liners are equipped with a rugged and lightweight polyurethane jacket. Whether blasting with high aggressive Fused Aluminas, Boron Carbides and Steel Grits or blasting with Expendable slag-based abrasives - in Contracor Performer nozzles range you will find the best suitable nozzle for your application. Performer nozzles are available in five sizes to achieve maximum productivity of abrasive blast cleaning system. You can select correct nozzle bore to suit compressed air supply and optimize blast media consumption.


Wear-resistant Venturi blasting nozzles made of tungsten carbide (TC). Service life: up 400 h. Cover: Polyurethane. Thread: Aluminum, 50 mm for NHP nozzle holder. Entry size: 32 mm.  


Wear-resistant Venturi blasting nozzles made of silicon carbide (SiC). Service life: up 600 h. Cover: Polyurethane. Thread: Aluminum, 50 mm for NHP nozzle holder. Entry size: 32 mm
The Contracor heavy-duty blast overall with gauntletstyle leather gloves protect the operator from rebounding abrasive media. The arms and legs are protected by durable leather panels, while heavy-duty breathable cotton fabric on the back permits an air-flow, increasing operator comfort. The Contracor heavy-duty blast overall is equipped with both zip and Velcro closures for double dust protection, elastic seals around the arms and fastenings on the pants to keep out dust and abrasive. Double stitching on the overall ensures long service life.
Wear-resistant, electric conductive blasting hoses Suitable for any kind of abrasive blasting job. Hose inner tube is made of highest abrasion resistance natural rubber.


1. Cover. Black, antistatic, weather and abrasion resistant SBR/NBR rubber compound, cloth impression. 2. Reinforcement. Textile, wrapped. 3. Tube. Smooth, black, antistatic, abrasion resistant NR/BR rubber compound. Abrasion according to DIN 53 516:1987. Max. 60 mm3.
The output temperature of the CCT air conditioner is up to ± 20°C below or above the input temperature. The CCT breathing air conditioner functions according to the principle of airflow separation. It is intended for heating or cooling breathing air which travels from the breathing air filter to the blasting hood.