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Use this seal in your RAC 5 Tip assembly for Lacquer Thinner, Tricloroethylene, MEK, Acetone, brush Cleaner, Zylol or if the solvent is unknown. For water based coatings and less aggressive solvent based coatings consider Kit 243281 instead.
This tip seal is for use with RAC 5 tips only and fits to both the yellow and black tip seals


0538900 – Titan Spray Guide Easy Cut-In Tool

0538900 TITAN Spray Guide Easy Cut-In Tool. Skip the prep work of masking, cutting-in, and spray shields with the spray guide accessory that connects to any standard sized extension pole. May your lines be straighter and your profits greater! This unique free-wheeling disc glides smoothly over virtually every surface. Cut-in around windows, doors, trim and more without time consuming prep work. Fits: Titan, Graco and all other spray guns with 7/8″ thread. Includes Titan SC-6 tip base.
  • Quickly cut-in around windows, doors and roof lines with the ability to cover 30 feet in just 15 seconds
  • Eliminates time consuming masking or cutting in with brush
  • Attaches to a gun extension or an extension pole (sold separately) decreasing ladder work
  • Unique freewheeling disc glides smoothly over virtually every surface
  • Pressure rated at 3600 PSI (24.8 MPa)

Product Description:

  • 100% manufactured in the USA, including the sourcing of all raw materials.
  • Results in an extremely high consistency of manufacturing with a return rate of 0.1% – the lowest in the industry.
  • Manufactured from a military grade tungsten carbide with a Rockwell hardness of 93; for comparison, a diamond has a Rockwell hardness of 100.
  • Will easily outlast any other tip when used in a like-for-like situation.
  • Can be used in most leading brands of airless spray gun.